Many of us prefer certain colors in his clothes, incites to wear them, refuses to change them long ago, and also find some people change the colors according to their temperament, wearing light colors when you feel happy and dark colors in the state of depression, and ask the question: Is there a relationship between your choice of a specific color And your personality.

«Darker colors»
Not all dark colors indicate Alhaoureabh, the color is black, for example, gives women luxury and being a queen or Brancesh it is also called some fashion designers king colors and suitable for parties, and suggests a smart character, the «light colors» shall give delight and psychological state comfortable .
Here are some colors and their meaning on the personality of women:
* The choice of women to blue colorIn all its forms expresses its sense of comfort, it is suitable for interviews to apply for the job because it gives the impression of a person who deals with things rationally.
* Green color makes you feel reassured, and that you are a quiet person, and reduces the tension and anxiety , as it feels calm and comfortable, and that you are intimately stable and the composition of the family .
* White color especially in the morning, gives women a degree of gravity and suggests the innocent net personality.
* The yellow color of bold colors that give women a degree of excellence, and the ability to communicate and self-realization, and suggests the personality that always think realistically.
* The red of the colors you prefer warm women are full of vitality, giving them a very attractive.
* Women wearing pink color helps them to feel positive, and expels negative emotions throughout the day, and appears to be a fun person.