Adults and young people suffer from influenza during the winter, and some continue to complain of influenza for a week or more, especially those with low immunity, who have problems with their respiratory system, they are susceptible to repeated infection during the winter.

So we monitor the following lines , the most appropriate time to address the flu vaccine, in addition to the appropriate age to him -
forbade Obwaluva, Consultant Medicine said children palace in kind, it must be immunization against influenza disease every year, they are the best special way for children , adding that the vaccine is suitable for children At the age of 6 months until the elderly and the age of 60 years.
In an exclusive statement to Al-Dustour, Abualova said that the best time to take the vaccine in OctoberAnd September each year, are the beginning of the spread of the virus , which protects against its spread and makes the chances of infection during the winter as a whole very weak.