Every girl seeks to look beautiful especially in the university stage , so she has many choices of make-up and clothes , and she has to choose the one that suits her best.

There are steps to get the university girl to have a simple view
on make-up.
Advocate Mohsen Mohsen, a beauty expert, advised that the morning make-up should be light and suitable for that period. The basic elements include:
Primer: Especially on the nose,
- Sunscreen: Suitable for your skin by its type
- Foundation cream : to be suitable for skin color, and distributed with its own bedding.
- Consiler: It is drawn on the triangle way down the eye.
- Drawing eyebrows: The head of the eyebrow must be light color compared to the last eyebrow and then we identify it by white.
- Ischado: and draws from the corner of the eye from the outside to the inside, preferably darker at the corner of the eye.
- Eliner: Prefer to draw a simple and high line.
-Belcher: preferably to be placed from the inside out.
- Roger: Suitable for day and light colors Kalorda
-almaskra: It is the last stage in the make - up , you'll choose a high - quality type so as not to cause the fall of the eyelashes
Second: clothes
there are many girls are keen on appearing all the time formal clothes Aliki many choices for the advent of a simple and elegant University .
As for the clothes, wear casual clothes, any jeans with a blouse, or have a semi-formal look, a casual blazer with black trousers, but if you do not prefer to wear jeans and trousers you should wear the dressesCotton, as they do not fly easily, and it is possible to wear a sports shoe to be easy to move.
Do not wear expensive accessories , but choose thin accessories .