Winter is characterized by many winter foods, which give us more energy and a sense of warmth, and Egyptians enjoy privacy We have a range of dishes that do not taste only in the winter season .. In the following few lines we monitor the most popular winter dishes : -

«Lentil soup »
There is no trip in the Egyptian house without lentils soup during the winter, it is an integrated meal gives you more energy and strength to contain the protein.
Spinach: Spinach
vegetables contain a range of calories and vitamins, containing asparagus, onion, garlic and tomatoes . It also contains many mineral salts. It also gives skin skin many benefits.
Some people prefer to eat cauliflower because it contains mineral salts and vitamins, the most important «K», and is among the antioxidants that give the body innumerable benefits, and a strong antibiotic in the prevention of osteoporosis, and is an important component of muscle growth in the body, and helps in the prevention of diseases Brain and immune deficiency .
Some people believe that it is among the foods that have a special luster in the winter, and contains vitamins C and D, and vitamin B6, and contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and ascorbic acid, and is a home for the pain of the body in general.