"In the winter days , feeling the cold, and reaching home miraculously from the sinking of the streets by rain. " Once you smell the lentils give in to him, his ability to attract him with all the benefits and temptations of yellow color, and immediately decided to take it as a substitute for the extinguisher and get Proper warmth from it.

Eat the Egyptians for the lentil soup is not the product of what Oosthm his grandmother need to be addressed , but is recommended by our ancestors the Pharaohs, where he was a lentil key element in their food was called "Alods" according to the language of hieroglyphics, was the lentil food is important beans for Pharaohs table.
The song "lentils tonight on the day of Eid" has a positive effect in them, which confirms the extent of glorification of these great eaters in their effect and components, and evidence that they eatThe existence of manuscripts in the land of Iraq and the Levant in ancient times described the method of lentil cultivation, linked to the establishment of civilizations of the ancient world was one of the most important foods planted by the Pharaohs for thousands of years.
It is not useful lentils mere words only , but it is scientific facts that proved that the 300 grams of lentils equivalent in food worth about 500 grams of red meat, and also contains a treasure trove of vitamins including A, B.
and patients with anemia also they eat lentil soup to help them in the treatment of them It also cures constipation, a rich iron source especially for women. They need 18 milligrams of iron per day. The lentil soup contains 16 milligrams of iron, strengthens the nervous system, improves memory, strengthens hair and nourishes the skin.