He explained the study of modern Boston University that the average age is the beautiful age of 33 years, but became almost forty too, thirty FSN which show a citizen beauty of women .
The study applied to 50 women who were rated the most beautiful in the world, according to People magazine, published in 2017 , out of 135 names.
The results of the study said the average age of beautiful women from 33 to 35 years, and ended the contest by voting for Julia Roberts, 49 years old.
Shaima Ismail, a family relations expert, explained that women of 30 years of age are becoming more tender, warm and warmer, both in the emotional and sexual relationship, adding that women at this age are more faithful to men and more capable of knowing their requirements.
She said the "Constitution" it is in this age need sexual relationship more than ever before and enjoy it as well, as it increases the beauty of confidence and self - interest and citizen beauty.