Said a research study, the children inherit their intelligence from the mother and not the father , since women are more likely to transfer genes intelligence to their children because they carry two chromosomes X, while the man holds one only of them.
Scientists also believe that the genes of cognitive functions inherited from parents are automatically deactivated, and there is a category called "adapted genes" that only works if they come from the mother in some cases, which increases the intelligence of the child .
A group of laboratory studies on genetically modified mice found that those with an additional dose of maternal genes grow larger heads and larger brains, while those with additional doses of parental genes grow up with small brains and small heads.
The study, according to the British newspaper "The Independent " that "the accumulated cells of the father involved in the functions of sex, food and aggression, but the researchers did not find any parental cells in the cerebral cortex
Researchers also found at the University of Washington that the safe emotional bond between mother and child is crucial For the growth of some parts of the brain, it also gives him the strength to explore science and confidence in solving problems, and reach their potentials and abilities.