The 2017 World Music Awards has announced the nomination of Shakira as the Best Latin Artist at the festival, and because Shakira is born in Aquarius, she has the qualities to qualify for the award.
The world's most famous singer, born February 2 in Columbia, has a personality that combines rationality, fun and excitement , exciting in itself and difficult to anticipate.
The Aquarius woman does not show her feelings easily, and she has great self-confidence that does not care much about the compliments and compliments that others have on her. She tries all the time to monitor her reactions about what she says or does and believes that life is worth living.
She likes to make her career fullShe is not surprised if she finds a politician , a social worker or a psychiatrist. She has a love of love and a passion for developing new ideas in her field of work. She tries all the time to transform abstract ideas into reality and seeks to discover what is new .
Shakira invited her audience through Media Media and her official page on Instagram to vote for her to win the prize, which is due to be distributed at a ceremony on 19 November.