Today we live in a world where we are always struggling not to survive as we thought, but to seize every pleasure in life, especially the fast-food life of the majority of people who love it, and who have to use it for reasons that may concern their work time. How many risks are wrapped around us daily with every unhealthy meal we eat.

On the occasion of World Food Day, the futureofworking site presents the disadvantages of junk food, which are:
- Unhealthy food This is the most famous defect in fast food, because it contains the components of sodium, preservatives and trans fats that are used in the cooking process. Hotdogs come from different parts of pork as well as the problem of sanitation suffered by some fast food establishments.
- In a study on finding obese children it was found that it deals with potatoes and burgers daily with sodium, leading to obesity and also cardiovascular disease.
- Fast meals shorten the quality of time with most teenagers who go out with their friends and eat chains of fast food, and thus lose them family spirit that arises on the dining table, because at that time prefer to spend most of the time with comrades.
- The fast-food industry leads to a setback in labor issues and low wages for workers who sometimes do not have insurance. Institutions also rent individuals who do not have documents and pay low wages, resulting in animal abuse in slaughterhouses.
According to a new study, fast-food eating affects the mind significantly. According to vancouversu, people with a high-fat diet are more likely to experience Alzheimer's brain shrinkage than people who consume less arterial fat.
A group of students from the Faculty of Information launched a campaign against fast food under the title "The poisoned pleasure" on social networking sites under the auspices of Prof. Dr. Adel Fahmy, which included types of fast food, such as indomie and certain types of chicken.