FAO celebrates World Food Day on the 16th of October each year, this celebration began in 1945, and from which to promote awareness of those who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition, so the deployment site " Metro " report present some tips that can Through the savings in the amount of food wasted, and get rid of the habit of wasting food in general.

- Writing a list of purchases

Many of us buy large amounts of food when going to the supermarket, sometimes causing large quantities of food to be wasted, whether it is good to use or because of a large amount of it. Therefore, it is advisable to buy adequate quantities of food as needed. List of purchases we need and not buy something from outside that list.

- Purchase suitable sizes

Many of us tend to buy the food that we need in large volumes under the pretext of saving money, but this behavior leads to waste of quantities of food that will not be used, because each person knows the quantity he needs specifically and therefore large quantities will not benefit him and eventually get rid of them, The purchase of large volumes ensures that these foods are eaten fresh and thus maintain health.

- Save food

Food packaging and preservation methods contribute to the non-damage quickly and thus reduce waste, and you can place it in containers closed and left in the freezer or freezer, depending on the type of food until it remains for a long time without being damaged.

- Arranging food in the refrigerator

Keeping the fridge full makes us forget the old foods that we stored in the back of them, so that they remain in place until they are damaged because they are not visible, and it is recommended to move the old products forward and put the new behind them to be used at the beginning.

- Expiration date

The expiration date is not the standard for checking the validity of food, so trust your senses and if you feel during the taste of food that it is not good although it does not expire, get rid of it immediately.