SOMER NEWS: An Arab citizen in a video broadcast by social media reported that his newly acquired iPhone 8 exploded in his face while he was charging.
The person who appeared in the video, which appears to be a Gulf, said the phone explosion occurred during the vehicle's charging process, that he smelled the smell of a fire at first, and then the phone exploded in his face.
In the video posted by the Arab Technical News website, the citizen appears to be in a pharmacy and on the side of one of his cheeks appears to be a bandage from the impact of the phone explosion.
Apple has been investigating a number of reports on its latest flagship phone, the iPhone 8 Plus, with a 5.5-inch display. The phone battery is reported to be bulging, resulting in the display being separated from the phone structure. At least five separate reports IPhone 8 phones with distortion, swollen batteries and screens separate from the aluminum hardware structure.
The reports came to Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and Greece, all of which showed similar symptoms, making the idea of ​​one bad batch of devices coming from the production line less likely. An Apple spokesman said the company was looking into these issues, That some devices have been collected by mobile operators partners for investigation.