"You have to be raped to be Muslim." Thus, the Yazidis were kidnapped by al-Da'ash when they took control of Mosul and large parts of Iraq against Islam. The burning of an Iraqi Yazid girl spoke of the suffering she experienced under the so-called "State Caliphate ", when she was screened with women from her to become" an investment that tempts recruits to have sex and stay in the alleged state. "

The Yezidi survivor, nicknamed "Daily Mail," the No. 1 victim, explained that they were slaves to the sex, as they were told when they were taken from their families.
The number one victim revealed the methods of examining women in Dahesh, to the extent that they put them on the wall to see whether they were "fit for sex" or not. In the event that she is an adult and has the qualifications of a sexual woman is raped, and if they are still small is left for a period of time and then return men "
The brutal disclosure was being published through a paper by Nikita Malik of the Henry Jackson Society entitled "Merchants of Terrorism, Modern Slavery and Sexual Violence, the Terrorist Investment Fund." The number one victim said she became pregnant after being raped by Da'ash fighters, She even tried to throw herself out of the stairs several times to abort her pregnancy, but it was not that simple. The organization was keen to push its fighters on every new "control" controlled, and every child was recruited as well.
Penalty for escaping The victim was waiting for number one when six men raped her on the same night, as well as seeing women who were subjected to sexual violence in the same room, as well as children who were also raped.
The victim confirmed the number one, sold several times for reasons in the market for women.
The strangest thing is her talk about the Muslim women who belonged to the extremist organization, asking them why they were raped, and that "this is necessary for them to be accepted in Islam."
This proves the extent to which the organization is able to brainwash women and distort the laws of Islamic law in accordance with the nature of their terrorist lives. The above has taken us to a false state of consciousness, invested by the takfiris and started to teach them to these women and girls in propaganda methods promoted through the means of communication that girls and women are concerned about.
It has become clear that most of the officials of terrorist groups - led by the organization "Daash" - play a great deal on the tendon of sexual desire, and exploit the wishes of young people suppressed, where the terrorist groups succeeded in turning "lust for sex" to a strong weapon to attract young people, Many foreign newspapers, many writers and researchers specialize in terrorist groups.
The British Guardian newspaper published stories about girls who managed to escape from the Da'ash camps after joining the terrorist organization. The most famous of these stories was the story of Um Asma al-Tunisia, the girl who was captured by the terrorist organization in Syria and was married - A member of the organization, who in turn agreed to participate in the "jihad of marriage", and narrated "Umm Asma" how she was forced to have sex with 100 of the fighters, "Daash" in less than a month, and how her husband did not see anything contrary to religion Or creed, and how the leaders thought that what you do - or names - "Jihad"!