A US woman spent $ 50,000 in cosmetic surgery to become the first lady Melania Trump, who she considers her highest and most important figure in life. Claudia Sierra, 42, told the Daily Mail newspaper that she had suffered from bad comments about her face and skin color since childhood, and that she looked much older than her real life. She always lost confidence in herself and went through many difficult experiences and situations. She even had breast cancer. Claudia said she had decided to change her reality and turned her dream of likening Melania Trump to reality through cosmetic surgery. She turned to Franklin Rose, one of the world's leading cosmeticians, to switch to a new version of Melania, Her whole life. Claudia, from Houston, Texas, said she has always fascinated the first lady and her work. She is a strong and independent woman who has overcome many difficulties and excelled in every field she has penetrated.