Many mothers need expertise and culture in the process of feeding the child because this stage is necessary in the life of the young, and the body needs to build a true and integrated, and the child in general is in a state of rapid growth, and requires a certain method and way of nutrition, Of the age of the food program changes according to the need of the body at each stage, and the role of the mother is very important in this process; because any malnutrition at this stage will be reflected on the health of the child in the present and future, and feeding the child generally starts from the age of 4 to 6 months, And there are some foods that the baby needs at the beginning of the feeding phase
Some mothers lack the expertise required in the preparation of micro-food because of their limited culture of child nutrition, derived from random genes that are not based on facts and information. The child may be the first child of this mother. The diligence at this stage is often incorrect, The mothers who follow the ancient systems and the genes and the question of those around the nutrition of the child cause him a lot of health problems, and some mothers working on the fattening of the child believes that the child is overweight and the most beautiful and healthy This belief is harmful to the health of the child and harms him in the near and long term. He may have diabetes. In this regard, we will take a healthy approach to feeding children and offer advice and advice from doctors and experts.
Vegetables mashed
The first phase of feeding the young is of paramount importance because it is a delicate stage in the growth stages. The growth of the brain cells responsible for controlling the body is completed. The growth rate of all the organs of the body is rapid and requires healthy food. The first year of the child's age is generally the most important in periods of growth And there is a difference between doctors in the methods and methods of feeding children, but it is necessary at this stage is to know the appropriate food for the child and the prohibited types, and the general principles that met The child must be trained to eat at the age of 4 or 6 months, according to the doctor's advice to follow the beginning of the food, and must follow the child so as not to choke during swallowing, and the good start to feed the young is done through the vegetables boiled mashed well, and in small quantities In the beginning and after a short period made boiled slices
Meals are varied
The mother provides two meals, an average meal after the training phase, preferably consisting of biscuits recommended by the doctor, and not contain sugars with well cooked rice, and the mother prepares potatoes and carrots Piorih, and forget the slices of apples and boiled fruits; During the day, after the child reaches 9 months of age, the mother provides more varied food, increases the number of daily meals to 5 medium meals, and reduces the number of times to breastfeed 3 or 4 times, and the child in this period vegetables, including: zucchini, potatoes, carrots and potatoes And beans with boiled rice , And increase the types of fruits, such as:
Follow-up growth
The mother measures the weight and height of the baby with each new stage of growth. If you notice any deficiencies, go to the doctor to change the child's diet or increase some foods necessary for size, weight and normal length. If the food is rejected completely, there is no harm, there may be some reasons for it, and it will return to eating after the cause disappears, and it will meet its need if more food is requested. It is prohibited at this stage to drink soft drinks; Growth and digestion, the mother does not offer the beta segments They contain harmful oils that harm the health of the young, in addition to containing preservatives, flavorings and color, and reduce the mother of sweets as much as possible; because it harms his weak organs; affects the health of the brain, and monitors the small mother While eating food do not even get choked during
Essential vitamins
The mother provides the food to the young person without salt or seasoning, and the fruit slices are without sugar, honey or sweeteners. The mother must also know the necessary nutrients for each stage of growth. It is necessary to provide the important calcium component for the growth of the bones of the body and to achieve the strength and strength to start crawling, Milk, cheese and yoghurt on calcium in large quantities, vitamins must be provided to strengthen the immunity found in corn oil, sunflower and olive oil, and magnesium deficiency harms the nervous system of the young, and magnesium protects the arteries from damage and damage; as a result of high blood pressure, And the digestion of carbohydrates and minerals, and a recent study pointed to the role of magnesium in the treatment of osteoporosis and the fight against cancer, and reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the body and treatment of problems of the arteries, magnesium works on the absorption of potassium and calcium, and the body can not absorb these elements without Magnesium, and found magnesium in large quantities in apples
Common errors
The World Health Organization (WHO) points to the importance of the mother's commitment to breast-feeding and to feeding the young child in the first year. A recent study reveals some of the mistakes mothers make during child feeding at this stage, including food containing dairy products such as milk and milk, From colic, indigestion and severe pain to the child, and mistakes also the mother's lack of herbal drink during the night and the failure to provide feeding meals, which causes the weakness of nutrition at the same time is affected by the process of milk production; because the hormone, which increases the amount of milk produced at night, Hormone during night feeding more, and with the beginning of the stage of food must be provided water to the young, especially in hot weather, and all schools of nutrition confirmed the process of staging at the beginning of feeding the young as well as Weaning; where the mother begins to change one meal at the beginning of the feeding, Be the primary dependency on meals and reduce
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