Researchers at the University of Glasgow, UK, found that weight loss is a good treatment for type 2 diabetes, and many doctors and patients only believe that the disease is gradual and incurable.
The results of the recent study, published in the journal BMJ, indicate that a large awareness, coupled with a good recording of the patient's condition and monitoring of the disease's decline, can help patients get rid of the disease and not need treatment. Type 2 Diabetes is the most common cause of diabetes, and the current guidelines for dealing with the disease focus on reducing sugar levels. Blood and risk factors of cardiovascular disease by the use of anti-diabetic drugs along with simple oral advice on diet and lifestyle; while the cases have been cured completely of the disease there are more cases have not been cured or not recorded, Lal follow-up to 120,000 patients over 7 years to 0. - See more at: