Researchers at the National University of Ireland and the University of Hawaii have found a common cure for jellyfish after they conducted a recent study published in the journal Toxicology.
The most common species in some European countries are known as "jellyfish" and are often bitten by beach travelers. What is recommended when jellyfish bite is the use of seawater and cold compresses, but they are wrong practices for treatment because they stimulate the spread of poison significantly, The area that is infected with vinegar or the appropriate lotion is the best. The researchers now find it useful to wash the place of the sting with vinegar to remove the claws and then place the affected area in hot water at 45 ° C or alternatively put warm compresses for 40 minutes, One researcher says that Many do not know that jellyfish are different from each other. The jellyfish is the box, the jellyfish is known as the lion and other species, and since each bite differs from the other as a bite of the snake from the bite of the dog, so it was necessary when Find the cure for the bite that organism has to be tested in all those And it is now found that vinegar and hot water are useful in treating the bite of the three species. It is good to have a common treatment for all species, especially in areas where these species are present. The researchers plan to gather a team of consultants in the field of jellyfish bite to discuss their latest findings. - See more at: