There are many reasons that lead to the appearance of pimples, pills and boils in many people, and these pimples are not limited to certain places of the body, they can appear in the face and neck and feet and between the folds of the skin, and in some cases appear repeatedly and in other cases appear as a result of hormonal shifts Warts in general are common phenomena that need special care in order to get rid of them without leaving traces on the skin, especially if they are in visible places and women who prefer Appear in the most beautiful appearance.
Warts are generally not a serious disease, but they are a defect that affects the body, whether it is in the skin tissue or in any vital body. Failure to treat these pimples or blemishes can lead to complications such as twisting, Disinfection and treatment These contaminants can reach the bloodstream, causing a state of blood contamination, and the consequent high risk to the health of the person. In this topic we will address the various causes that lead to the emergence of pimples, pills and boils in different parts of the body, Tips for preventing this annoying phenomenon All age groups from teenagers to young men and women.
Summer sweating
Many people become infected with the spread of pimples and grains in different parts of the body, causing them to fear, tension, discomfort and some pain and harassment, and these pills can appear for a short period of time up to a month and then disappear, and in some cases continue for long periods of several years and require dealing These pimples and boils attack all age groups, including children, and are growing significantly and common in the summer days, as a result of high temperature and increased sweating throughout the day, and use some types of bacteria and bacteria this environment suitable to attack the skin Skin and the occurrence of these boils, and some people take medicines and antibiotics determined by the doctors useless, because these pills do not disappear and continue with them for chronic periods, and the seriousness of these blisters that the bacteria causing them can reach the bloodstream, and then spread throughout the body and the transmission of infection To large areas of the body causing the case of septicemia, then
A white head
Warts are a type of skin infection that appears in the form of dummies, red nodes or pills, and after a period grows to appear in the form of a solid mass, and collects at the top of these blocks white blood cells damaged in the form of white dots, and enter into bacterial diseases that attack the skin by Certain types of bacteria, and inflammation in either part of the body only and in this case called local dermis, or can attack more than one place in the body, and these infections appear in the first on the image of red spots, until the formation of a white head of these spots called pus and At this time, treat it through a doctor and open it, and over This inflammation occurs within the sebaceous glands under the skin layer as well as in the hair follicles or follicles, and if these pimples deep in the skin and large into a kind of abscess, in this case requires a simple surgery to remove the body and get rid of it.
Diseases and medicines
There are a variety of causes for this annoying problem, including some diseases such as people with immunodeficiency syndrome often have these pimples, as well as some people with anemia, and those with diabetes; they appear in the neck, and some Patients with liver and renal failure have these hemorrhoids, and we notice these blisters in children during exposure to high body temperature, as well as lack of personal hygiene or postponement of showers during periods of sweating and friction skin clothes, and a previous study showed that people who take immunosuppressive drugs are the emergence of e The majority of drugs that include cortisone and are used in the treatment of diseases of ophthalmology, allergies and skin diseases cause the appearance of these pimples, such as acne pills, psoriasis, certain types of dermatitis, From skin tattoos and pigments
Hygiene and Antibiotics
Warts and bruises appear in many children due to lack of interest in cleaning them continuously. Children are the most susceptible to bacteria, microbes, germs and contaminants in general. The immune system is fully formed, and these blisters become frequent and persistent, and these appear in the young people in the head and face and under the neck and in the ear and around it and the area of ​​the chin and between the thighs, and some due to the frequent intake of children to A recent study revealed that pimples, which appear in the face and cause swelling and redness, are often caused by impaired immunity in adults or young people, and also cause a tumor in the lymph nodes, and the reason is weak immunity that allows bacteria to attack the skin and appearance The boils, doctors explain that this explains the appearance of these blisters In diabetes patients, because long-term diabetes causes weak immune system in the patient's body, making it vulnerable to the appearance of these pimples, can follow some methods, methods and tips to prevent the problem of the emergence of pimples and boils, the first to maintain good hygiene; After every action, bathing in the hot days daily and in winter every 3 days at least, there are types of disinfectants such as medical alcohol, some creams, ointments and soap for these pimples, there are some wide-ranging antibiotics to treat this problem, the treatment period from 7 to 15 Days to get a score A good doctor, some doctors are demanding a bacterial farm, to know the type and write the appropriate antibody to eliminate it.
Bactericidal bacteria
Recent studies indicate that pimples of all types and sizes affect people over the course of life, and most often appear in specific parts of the body including the face, neck, limbs and thighs, but this does not prevent their appearance elsewhere in the body, and can appear in some cases that Do not suffer from diseases and health and are interested in personal hygiene, because of the presence of types of bacteria bacteria, gold and colon and swimming on the skin naturally, for example between the thighs and the opening of the nose and under the armpit and between the folds of the skin, and when nailing the nails in these places, bacteria move to other parts of the Skin that causes some type of inflammation of pimples and the emergence of pills and boils, through the penetration of these types of bacteria to the hair in the skin, and begin to secret toxins and attack skin tissue, which requires the activity of the immune system and self-addressed white blood cells, resulting in the death of a part of the cells Blood and bacteria, and with the presence of damaged proteins
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