Infants and young children up to five years of age suffer from diarrheal disease. As a result of many causes, it is one of the most common diseases in children. On average, every child has 2.7 episodes of diarrhea every year. In some cases, the disease lasts several days causing damage. It causes severe droughts, and if you do not realize it quickly, the baby loses its life. This disease causes the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children every year, and the majority of children who are severely disturbed or have a condition of malnutrition are the most vulnerable. For death, as well as those infected with PBS Z and other dangerous diseases.
Diarrhea from transmission is very widespread in poor and developing countries, which is reflected in growth and children are stunted. Nearly 90% of deaths can be saved by simple and available prevention methods. Significant advances in industry Drugs are an effective and easy treatment for this disease. In this regard, we will present the various causes that lead to children suffering from diarrhea, and how to prevent and treat this dangerous disease in children.
Simple and sharp
Diarrhea is caused by soft and soft effluents and tends to the liquidity situation, and the person is infected when this type of waste is repeated 3 times a day at a minimum and in excess of the usual. The types of diarrhea vary from simple, which is repeated from 3 to 6 times throughout the day, Which occurs from 6 to 11 times a day. Acute diarrhea is more than 11 times a day, and most newborns have different types of diarrhea during the first year. Diarrhea becomes more serious if accompanied by vomiting, On neonates when drought symptoms occur, and in some cases If the diarrhea persists and with some of these symptoms, for a period of 10 to 20 hours the mother should go to the child's follower quickly to decide the appropriate way to stop this diarrhea to avoid malnutrition and dryness. .
Viruses and medications
2 ° C, and some cases appear with a case of vomiting also mild, and the child attacks this type of diarrhea in winter more than other seasons; because of the vulnerability of the child at this time to the infection of viral intestinal infections, which often appear diarrhea as a symptom of this situation, as Diarrhea cases also occur as a result of children taking some medicines, which are side effects of these drugs and antibiotics. The research revealed that the majority of antibiotics taken by young people cause a case of diarrhea. The causes of diarrhea also include severe colds, intestinal infections, This cause of diarrhea, including the child's type of severe allergies, and inflammation of the middle ear and tonsils and inflammation of the urethra.
Bacteria and parasites
This can be done by a doctor to make a small waste farm to determine the type of bacteria causing the diarrhea and thus write the appropriate medicines to eliminate this type of bacteria and stop diarrhea. The reason is that the child is infected with a parasitic infection that does not show the high temperature and the child does not get vomiting, and is easy to detect through the analysis of waste to the young to detect the type of parasite causing diarrhea, and often infection of diarrhea caused by bacteria and parasites, Contaminated or unclean water that has not been fully purified. Bacteria pass through various meat, milk and its products contaminated with a type of salmonella-causing bacteria with diarrhea as the microthermia rises, and unclean water moves the Giardia parasite, which causes the child to have severe abdominal bloating, Gases
Food Contamination
Diarrhea also occurs as a result of the feeding method. Some children develop diarrhea after changing the milk type, as well as because of the nutrition given to the child. Some foods lead to diarrhea in the child after ingestion, and if the mother adds a new type of food, diarrhea can occur. The new food with the age of the child and his simple digestive system, which fails to deal with the new type inappropriate for this age, causing diarrhea. Therefore, doctors are advised to follow the tables prepared for each stage to avoid the occurrence of this problem, and prefer to use different types of milk until In the case of children over the past two years, it is necessary to pay attention to the occurrence of food poisoning in many cases of these children. As a result of food exposure to pollution and corruption, the child suffers from severe diarrhea, which represents Gravity on the life of the young due to the acceleration of
Prevention Tips
5 minutes, and if the waste contains the blood and did not urinate for 6 hours, and when he was weak and the condition of sleep excess, and if the continuation of diarrhea for a full day, and the mother can take some simple steps in the case of mild diarrhea, including the speed of small compensation fluid and water constantly and drink Chicken, cider vinegar and orange, increase the number of lactation times if the baby is in infancy and food together; caffeine should be avoided; because it works to lose salts and fluids from the body; diarrhea caused by viruses does not cure him; Life of the turf And the death of up to 15 days. Diarrhea can occur naturally to get rid of some of the infected tissues in the body with microbes and bacteria. To treat the child, the solutions are used to compensate the body for fluids and the elements that have been lost. The solutions have proved effective in the recovery and compensation of the child quickly, In the treatment of diarrhea besides
Second place of death
The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that diarrhea is one of the most serious diseases affecting children's lives. It is the second largest cause of death among children under 5 years of age. It affects 1.6 billion children worldwide throughout the year. About 750,000 children die. 5 years. Children younger than 3 years in developing countries have diarrhea four times a year, which affects the child's growth each time, because diarrhea leads to rapid malnutrition, due to the loss of essential nutrients for the body, and children who suffer from poor Nutrition is the most affected by diarrhea, it is easy to take some action T. Prevention of this disease, including finding safe sources of drinking water, Veugd about 800 million people worldwide lack access to clean water, and about 2.
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