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is bitterness in the right side of the bottom of the liver, a vesicular hollow bag pear shape, the main function yellow storage that the liver produced until needed, and can be infected cyst biliary many diseases, such as chronic gallbladder stones bile ducts, gall bladder cancer .. And others, which leads to the exposure of the patient severe and severe pain difficult to get rid of drugs, and the most common injuries are the gallstones and internal complications, and complications resulting, and this will tell us doctors and specialists in the next lines.
Gallbladder is a small member of the liver that is only 7-10 cm long, connected to the bile ducts. Its function is to store the bile material produced in the liver, and then concentrate it in the liver. After eating for the digestive system, so as to help digestion and absorption of food especially fats and cholesterol, so the work of sorting yellow when constricted and therefore secretions of yellow increased after eating fatty and fatty.
Bile stones
shows d. It is an abnormal buildup of cholesterol in the nucleus of the cyst of the bile, and the larger the nucleus, the greater it becomes a whole stone-like pebble and so on, and vary in size, where it reaches 3% The diagnosis of the presence of stones within the biliary sac is based on ultrasound imaging of the abdomen, which is the best and most qualitative and used among all imaging tests to prove or deny the presence of gallstones or gallbladder inflammation, Tests can be done Others such as axial tomography if the symptoms are not caused by the presence of stones or sometimes to diagnose the complications caused by stones, and ask the doctor to perform comprehensive blood tests.
According to Dr. Most of the cases with gallstones are detected 50% by chance, and there are no specific symptoms, as the signs are similar to many of the internal diseases, including:
- nausea, vomiting, high temperature.
- Acute pain in the upper abdomen and back because of obstruction of the gallbladder channel by one of the stones, which appears after eating meals by an hour or more, and usually lasts from 6 to 12 hours, and concentrated pain in the upper part of the right abdomen, and may extend to the right shoulder, Deep breathing or movement and fluctuation, in which cases the patient must be transferred and treated in hospital because of the severity of the symptoms and their impossibility, until the pain is gone.
- Many complications of acute gallbladder inflammation occur if appropriate treatment is not provided for gallbladder inflammation, as some are dangerous to the patient and require immediate treatment.
In cases of chronic obstruction, the pain does not disappear, causes a gall bladder rash, which leads to severe bacterial infection, or may develop into a burst of cyst of yellow inside the abdominal cavity, requiring surgical intervention immediately, until the patient is saved.
Composition of calculi factors
explains Dr. There are several reasons for the formation of gallstones in the body, including:
1. Obesity, overweight or loss of weight, and subject to unhealthy weight loss regimens.
2- Infection with some blood diseases.
3 - Lack of exercise and movement.
4 - falling under nervous pressure, affects the process of mixing substances produced by the liver, and increase the rate of cholesterol in the gall bladder significantly.
5. In some cases the cause of the infection may be due to genetic factors.
6 - disturbance in the proportions of mixing the components of bile extract produced by the liver, as this juice is composed primarily of water by 80%, and also contains cholesterol and bile acids, then when this disorder leads to the transformation of these substances into crystals then turn into stones .
7. Use pills or estrogen pills for a long time for some purpose.
Dr. Bacterial colic, initially treated in the emergency department, is used to reduce pain associated with colic. The condition is then sterilized to remove the gallbladder, which contains pain or inflammation-causing metastases, using a laparoscope, without performing a surgical incision as large as in conventional surgery. The surgeon performs three or four small openings in the abdominal wall, then inserts fine instruments with a camera equipped with a light source, and the abdomen is blown with carbon dioxide to move the organs apart, to make the vision clearer, and then the bitterness is separated after the closure of the channel and extract through One of the openings, and close the J The procedure is performed for one to two hours, and the patient is extracted after 24 hours. If there are no complications, it should be noted that there is no so-called break-up of gallstones. The road leads to serious complications that threaten the life of the injured.
Complications are rare and
shows d. The removal of the gall bladder bag saves the patient from the severe pain that results from its presence, and the treatment of inflammation, and also prevent the formation of stones again in most cases, but there are some risks that can occur a few percentages after the eradication of gallbladder:
- leakage of bile material from the gallbladder .
- Bile duct injury.
- Survival of small stones in the bile duct.
- Inflammation of the lining or places of wounds that have been broken into the operation.
Dr. Hisham Suka, the surgeon's consultant, warns against the delay in removing the bile sac, so that the patient does not suffer many of the risks caused by the presence of gallstones in the gall bladder bag, a common condition that develops with age, especially if a person is used to a high-fat diet. Bile fluid, which is stored by the gallbladder, and when eaten, the function of emptying the yellow in the intestine to help digest fat, and when the gallbladder is broken, the so-called pebble and begin suffering with the pain of gallstones, and the emergence of symptoms accompanied by upper abdominal pain, As can be met BP gravel gall bladder obstruction, resulting in severe inflammation or can be transmitted to a member known as the channel bile and this causes jaundice, ie , turning the eyes and skin to the color yellow.
Alternatives to surgery
Dr. Soka said that laparoscopic surgery often involves removing the gallbladder. When we remove stones only, the gallbladder can form more stones. This does not address the underlying problem, which is mainly related to gallbladder dysfunction. At the same time, some patients The alternative to waiting and medication is to take repeated doses of antibiotics when the infection occurs, but getting rid of the stones using powerful drugs will leave many side effects, showing only in a few cases associated with specific types of Stone quarries Wara.
He explains d. Soka that laparoscopic sacral surgery, like other surgical procedures, can cause complications such as bleeding, infection of the wound or site of gallbladder and also injury to other structures within the abdomen, and may cause the process of some other damage to the patient, including the emergence of swelling in the leg after the operation , Because of the inability of the patient to walk and exercise activities normally, and failure to complete the scientific properly to the damage to many organs and holes in the digestive system, especially in the stomach and intestines.
Bile ducts and bile ducts may also occur, and the main infection is bile ducts and bile duct leakage. This structure (the bile ducts) is close to the gallbladder, passing the bile from the liver, Post-gallbladder function is removed (store yellow and discard food digestion).
In the event of injury, the surgeon usually explains to the patient that he needs surgical procedures to rebuild the bile ducts. The chance of these complications is simple (1: 300). There is a simple chance of less than 5% This decision is made by the surgeon if there is difficulty in determining the anatomy usually due to previous attacks of inflammation, this requires a longer period of recovery from the operation within the hospital and after returning home.
Recovery of wellness
Shows d. Most patients will be able to return to the leadership and work within a week or two after the operation, but the patient must follow a specific health system after completion of the process includes natural materials easy to digest, With plenty of drinking water and fiber, and avoid food containing fatty substances, and if any abnormal complications of the body, the patient to avoid movement, and check the specialist directly to avoid any unnecessary risks.
Porcelain of bitterness
Bone marrow, a condition that occurs due to chronic gallbladder inflammation and leads to the accumulation of bile and calcium in the gallbladder wall, which leads to the hardening of the gallbladder wall, which earns a porcelain-like view. The occurrence of gall bladder earthenware is not associated with any symptoms other than the natural signs of gallstones, but increases the risk of cancer Bitterness after several years, so surgery is preferred to remove the gallbladder.
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