Hairstyles' hairstyles to look like stars

It is a hairstyle tail of the horse of the most popular styles among women, but it is one of sackings favorite among celebrities and stars of Almyat, and with the various innovations of this hairstyle became include many innovative styles and shapes, which are very gravity and elegance.
Here Madam best hairstyles ponytail to complete your attractiveness and elegance of appearance:
1. ponytail fast: easier sackings and fastest, and you can do whenever you feel shortness of time, all you have to do is lay off the top of your hair to one side with the assembly of hair back, and prepare a ponytail at the end of your head, preferably your hair wet A little for easy access to this hairstyle.
2 - The tail of an innovative horse : divide your hair from the front to two parts until the middle, then roll each section around the other with the lower part of your hair a little high, and raise their hairpin hair pins , then gather your hair back in the form of a ponytail, Unfold on one side of your face to increase the shineYour haircut .
3 - thick tail of the horse : divide your hair into two parts: the upper part, the bottom part, and the first to assemble the top in the form of a ponytail slightly loose from the front, and then to the lower part of the form of a ponytail, and increase the intensity of your hair with your brush so that it appears Your hair is like the tail of one horse with thick hair.
4 - colored horse tail : All you have to do is to combine your hair in the middle in the form of a ponytail, comb it well until your hair appears smooth and attractive, then put some colors of hair on the tufts of your hair falling from the ponytail .