I felt the pressure of the chest and the pain of increasing the heart, asking for help from the people surrounding the request of the ambulance he feels something strange happens to him, and indeed I attended the ambulance and carried him to the nearest health center, and there moved the emergency doctor when he saw this young man complain of these symptoms, The person has a heart attack caused by a stroke in the coronary artery after rapid tests and began to give him drugs to dissolve the clots and soon the pain subsided and the young man felt comfortable. The doctor advised this young man to stay away from the tension and nervousness, and asked him about the types of food and lifestyle They live, they are part of the reasons Composition of these strokes.
Heart attack disease has spread significantly in most societies, due to many factors, a disease that was limited to the elderly, as a type of weakness of blood vessels and loss of part of its flexibility naturally, but the new in this disease is the emergence among the sector is not a little among young men and men , Which called for a lot of studies to do research to reveal the causes of this disease among young people, and there are still a lot of studies surveillance and follow-up of this disease, and in this subject will address the disease heart attack and causes, and factors that work to increase it and methods of prevention and treatment methods available and fast .
Heart disease is classified as a serious disease on the lives of people, every minute goes without treatment, this condition causes damage to part of the cells of the heart muscle, which is a chronic disease and increases in the winter more than the rest of the year, and before the advent of heart attack appear some introductions and indications, The severity of these symptoms varies from person to person, sometimes severe and painful, sometimes simple and ignored by the person. In case of lack of interest, the risk factors multiply, especially if the treatment is not treated. The problem is quickly before entering Mda These diseases are classified as emergency medical conditions, which must be quickly intervened and the patient placed under intensive care, followed up until the danger and any shortcoming that endanger the person's life are gone. The disease has a range of features such as heart attack, myocardial infarction, Studies show that heart attacks increase in
Artery occlusion
The function of these arteries is to transport food and oxygen-laden blood to feed the heart muscle. In the event of blockage, the blood flow to the muscle stops. After a few minutes, a part of the cells The heart muscle and die, and the longer the ambulance is delayed the additional minutes die other numbers of heart muscle cells and increases the risk to the patient, and becomes the key time to save the life of the injured, because the heart muscle in need of necessary oxygen to work, and if deprived of it for a few minutes leads That is A partial death of the heart muscle, and the person suffering from compressor pain on the chest, and if the problem is exacerbated serious complications lead to unprecedented damage to the heart followed by the death of the injured, and this happens in the case of the patient is not quickly and known ways to get rid of this problem, which Prevents and achieves rapid deterioration of the heart muscle
Cholesterol and diabetes
There are several causes of heart attack, including the continuous accumulation of harmful cholesterol, fat and fat on the walls of coronary arteries, and these deposits and accumulations cause narrowing of the coronary arteries, and the incidence of stiffness and loss of flexibility, which reduces the amount of blood flow to the heart muscle, and with time Coronary atherosclerosis occurs, which prevents the flow of blood significantly, and creates a state of cutting the flow of blood, which leads to damage part of the heart muscle, which requires large amounts of blood to compensate for loss of hard work, and the causes of this case also smoking and drug use Alcohol is a factor in the rise of harmful cholesterol in the blood. Obesity is one of the main causes of this condition. Diabetes is also one
Early signs
Precautions and signs are issued seven days before the heart attack, and in some cases they appear 3 to 8 weeks earlier, including mild progressive symptoms such as uncomfortable chest pain, repeated pain, and increased pain during any physical exertion. It also causes pain in the muscles of the body, muscle contraction, muscle fatigue, tiredness, tiredness, indigestion, cold and flu. These symptoms are repeated. At intervals And it is necessary to pay attention to the person and know that they are the introductions of heart attack, and take quick actions to save his life and improve the condition of the heart, and sometimes attack angina chest without signs or introductions, that occur suddenly and quickly, increasing the risk in the case of Lack of early aid, and death tolls rise as a result
Chest pain
The symptoms of a heart attack, which is the feeling of acute pain compressing the middle behind the chest bone, leads to discomfort and a sense of severe pressure, and can extend pain towards the abdomen, back, jaws and teeth, and increase heartbeat very much, and dry the mouth and extends pain to the arms and shoulders The patient has difficulty breathing, the body is sweating profusely, the patient suffers from loss of balance, dizziness, anxiety, vomiting, nausea and stomach pain. The person begins to lose speech, and these symptoms last from 7 to 15 minutes. When feeling any of these symptoms I must If the person driving the car to stop and ask for help from the surrounding, and rapid treatment with drugs to dissolve the clots and some painkillers and blood thinners, and put the patient in the ICU until the heart stabilizes.
Various reasons
NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Nearly 12 percent of people with heart attacks were between the ages of 16 and 36, and the main cause of the problem was obesity, which causes serious damage to blood vessels that cause small blood clots, The study noted that some doctors ignore the symptoms of heart attack, because they rule out the possibility of stroke at this early age, causing it, and not quickly corrected, and another study shows the high numbers of heart attack among people aged 30 to 45 years, and even smaller , And reasons The incidence of heart clots in young people is still unclear, and researchers are likely to have shocks in the neck caused the development of a blood clot, or blood vessels stress and explosion due to obesity, and small thrombosis, and in a new study on 21 young people with heart attack, it was found that 7 cases did not The main cause of these strokes is revealed, including
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