Facial beautification is always in the forefront in terms of worldwide turnout, which is perfectly logical. Everyone hopes to have a beautiful, harmonious face. On the other hand, it was natural for international beauty centers to develop and develop facial beauty techniques Commensurate with the wishes of customers.

The Texas technique is also known as V Line of the latest technology used in this regard, as has been specially developed with a view to exposing the lower jaw area and to highlight the chin and make a harmonious facial features in general to overcome the problems and atrophy Alosaddag chin spire.
Texas has been named the technology for the people of Texas, whose features are characterized by a wide range of harmonies with side-lines. Thousands of people around the world have attracted this technology in record time and have become one of the most sought-after cosmetics in the world. Through the following paragraphs, "Cosmetic" offers a preference for the use of the Texas needle and the difference between it and other cosmetics.
The difference between Texas technology and Nefertiti technology
Many people mistakenly associate the needles of Texas and Aber Nefertiti with some mistakes. Some believe that they are different names for one technique. The secret is that there are many commonalities between the two cosmetic technologies. Both are modern and sophisticated techniques in the field of cosmetics, The same areas of the body as the neck and chin and the lower jaw, and the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are very close.
However, cosmetic experts say that the difference between them is the specific purpose of each technique. The effect of Texas injections is quite different from the effect of using Nefertiti technique as follows:
Nefertiti is used for the face to tighten the jaw and neck and eliminate the effects of aging in those areas, namely skin sagging and the appearance of wrinkles and shrinkage and neck lines phenomenon
Using a needle Texas to face with a view to filling meager or thin areas significantly in the lower jaw circumference and introduction to the chin, where the technique works exposing the lower jaw and make it appear larger than its real size.
The material used in the injection procedure are also factors that distinguish Nefertiti technology from Texas, where the first place through the injection of Botox while the second use of any Texas face is through injection Alfelr

Is there a conflict between Texas injections and Nefertiti injection?
The difference between the use of Texas injections and Nefertiti injections leads us to distinguish between the effects of the two techniques - Nephritis and Nefertiti - both of which aim at the other question . Or, in other words, can the same techniques be used for the same person?
The doctors of Gemayel responded positively to these questions, stressing that there is nothing to prevent the use of the Texas needles and Nefertiti for the same person as long as his condition required it, but stressed the possibility of the two injections within the same medical center and in the same session, Is limited to a limited number of cases in which the patient suffers from sagging skin and the appearance of wrinkles in the neck and at the same time be dissatisfied with the appearance of his chin pointed or slim and wants to make it appear wider and larger than the reality.
Who needs to inject Texas
The use of facial and neck beautification is limited to age groups, from the middle age onwards, as it is usually subject to this type of cosmetic surgery to overcome the effects of aging skin, the emergence of neck lines and wrinkles and so on.
This is not the case with the technology of Texas, where the different age groups can resort to it, including the categories of adolescents and young people. Unlike Nefertiti and other surgical procedures, the technique is not used to combat the effects of aging, To face fattening processes .
According to statistical reports issued by the International Association of Cosmetic Surgery (ISAPS ) last year that Texas needles and similar techniques have seen a high demand from younger age groups, in order to improve the appearance of the face and especially the area of ​​the chin thin, and some press reports confirmed that many Hollywood stars underwent cosmetic procedures Similar to the British famous Keira Knightley.
How to Make a Texas Avera Injection
The procedure of mandible embolism is similar to the technique of Texas with various other injections, that is, cosmetic procedures are far from complex as a non-surgical procedure, and do not require the provision of special equipment or take a long time.
The injections using Texas techniques can be done in doctors' clinics in a simplified manner. The injection process is performed through the following steps:
In the beginning, the doctor determines the sites to be injected and the dose needed by the patient, which varies from case to case
Before injecting Texas, injection sites are anesthetized topically depending on one of the anesthetic creams
Wait approximately 10-20 minutes until the anesthetic cream is activated
The Texas needles are injected into the points that the doctor has previously identified. Injections are usually performed in the lateral sides of the jaw. Filling these areas with filler gives the face rotation. The jaw and sides of the face appear relatively wider than they are in nature.
The injection of the jaw muscles is the last step in that procedure, but if a person is injected with Nefertiti and Texas injections, Botox Nefertiti is usually first injected into specific locations such as neck nerves and areas where the skin relaxes, (Texas) on both sides of the jaw to fill the area and make it more rotated.
Cosmetic experts recommend the use of both techniques if the condition of the patient requires it, as this ensures the best results and achieve the highest degree of consistency in the overall appearance by getting the appearance of a neck taut and wide and smooth smooth face. 

Advantages of using a Texas needle for the face
Modern facial injection techniques have become widely recognized and widely spread around the world in record time, due to the results achieved and the advantages that are lacking in other surgical cosmetic means. The most important factors that ensured the excellence are:
Check the Texas needle for effective and quick results
Avoid exposure to any of the risks of conventional surgery
Its use does not interfere with the use of other cosmetic techniques, especially Nefertiti technology, which ensures that the results are closer to ideal
The scarcity of the possibility of any permanent deformities caused by the injection process, provided that it is performed by a doctor with experience and skill
Although the results of Texas needles are not permanent - such as various injections - their results last for relatively longer periods
Risks of using Texas technique for jaw injection
Injections and wrinkles fillings are generally one of the simplest and fastest cosmetic procedures. However, despite the advantages that these injections provide, there is a range of risks or side effects that are likely to result from them. This should be considered before taking a face exposure Texas needle is the following:
The patient may be exposed to an allergic reaction
A change in skin color in places where it is injected, where it is slightly slanted to blue
The possibility of dermatitis in places where the injection was
The appearance of some bruises and swelling in the injection sites temporarily after injection
The death of skin cells and that condition are rare and usually result from medical errors
How to choose a doctor to avoid complications and side effects
Everyone, especially women, dreams of having a tight neck free of wrinkles and visible lines, as well as a wide, non-double chin and full-bodied ears.
The needles of Texas are the ideal solution for these, as these needles enable them to achieve the appearance they hope and can see the difference within a few days after the procedure, but some fear that to do so for fear of possible complications or side effects, It is in a very sensitive position and is a face.
The experts and professors of cosmetic medicine presented a set of testaments and advice in this regard, which enable each patient to achieve the desired results while at the same time avoiding the problems and problems after injection, which proved studies and statistics that the majority of them come from medical errors, at:
Choose a reputable and reputable beauty center and avoid low level clinics
The quality of the material used in filling is the most important factor in the results of the process, so choose the good type and do not go to the cheap fillings being poor and cause many problems
To ensure that the cosmetic surgeon is qualified to conduct such operations by reviewing his / her career and identifying the qualifications he / she holds, doctors who hold the American Board Certificate or similar