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- Vanilla Cake: Pack (9 inch / baked)
- Cream Cheese: 2 packs (soft)
- Sugar: 1 cup
- Crispy cream: Cupan (sauteed)
- Strawberry: Cupan (chopped)
- Strawberry sauce: half a cup (for decorating)

How to prepare

1. Cut the cake for boxes.
2. Chew the cream cheese with sugar until it is creamy and crisp.
3. Add the cream and stir until the ingredients are homogenized.
4. Mix the chopped strawberries and strawberry sauce and leave it aside.
5. Make a layer of cake in the serving dish and put a quantity of strawberries in sauce and then a layer of cream cheese and cream mixture.
6. Then another cake layer, strawberry layer and cream layer until the quantity finishes, you can make 3 layers.
7. Place the dish in the refrigerator for at least two hours before serving.