Maven banana Balhovan and chocolate distinctive Alnotela .. multiple desserts Western forms and classes, and these desserts Muffin , we chose you Maven banana Balhovan and distinctive chocolate Alnotela .. recipe innovative, appetite and nutritious, Ejrebiha and Enjoy it with your children


- Flour: cupan
- oatmeal: cup
- sugar: one quarter cup (white)
- brown sugar: half a cup
- Baking powder: 2
teaspoons - Sodium carbonate: 1 teaspoon
- Salt: 1/2 teaspoon
- Eggs: 1 tablet
- milk: half a cup
- vegetable oil: a quarter cup
- vanilla: a teaspoon
- banana: 2 tablets (mashed)
- Newtilla chocolate: half a cup

How to prepare

1. Mix flour, oats, white sugar, brown sugar, baking powder, soda and salt in a bowl by blender until dry ingredients are mixed.
2. In another bowl, avoid eggs, milk, oil and vanilla until mixed well, then add the mashed banana and mix until smooth.
3. Add the flour mixture (dry) to the mixture of eggs and bananas until the mixture mixes together.
4. Place a spoonful of the mixture in the cupcake-lined tray. Place a teaspoon of nautilacea on the face and spread it over the face. Place in a preheated oven and cook for 20 minutes until the muffins are cooked.