Children always need a share of sugar in their day, so we chose you a recipe of the wonderful Western sweets .. and their favorite .. cupcake .. Fast cupcake biscuits for children .. A recipe suitable for them and very appetizing will be impressed by their taste delicious


- Flour: 2
cups - Cocoa powder: cup (bitter)
- Baking powder: a teaspoon and a half
- Bicarbonate Sodium: half a teaspoon
- Butter: finger and half (at room temperature)
- Brown sugar: Coban (light)
- Eggs: 4 pieces
- vanilla: 2 teaspoons
- yogurt: a half and a half small
- biscuits: 10 beads
- cream of flutter: two envelopes
- milk: 2 cups (two small, liquid)

How to prepare

1. Mix flour, cocoa powder, baking powder and sodium bicarbonate into the electric mixer jug.
Then, add the butter to the flour mixture, brown sugar, until the mixture becomes creamy, egg white one by one, while still mixing, vanilla, yogurt and half the amount of biscuits.
3. Cover the cupcakes with the special paper, pour the mixture inside to fill three quarters of each, then enter the oven at 180 ° C for 20 minutes. When you go out, let it cool completely.
4. For decoration: Mix both the instant cream and the remaining amount of biscuits and liquid milk, by the electric mixer. After making sure the cupcake is cooled, decorate after placing the decorative mixture in the milk bag and distribute the biscuits on the surface.
Cupcake Colors:
The same amounts as the previous recipe are based on biscuits. Cocoa is replaced with two large spoons of red strawberry and two large orange orange.
In the preparation process, in the step where the cocoa is added, pour the strawberry spirit or orange spirit separately, without mixing them together, in order to obtain the desired color.