Inspired by short hairstyles of Hollywood stars

It is known that women with short hair may find it difficult to choose a variety of hairstyles and new hair, so you will make it easier "Madam Net" get some sackings new short for your hair and inspired by the stars of Hollywood.
Here Madam the most suitable sackings short for your hair :
1- the Olivia Holt: characterized by white with her hair short slave, which always increases the paper with the diversity of styles carried out, in these views the Holt work caudal horse over some behind her head, and then the wrap the horse 's tail on the cake shape Spontaneous, and fixed with hair pins .
2 - Emma Stone: This is perhaps the first time Emma cut her hair , and amazed everyone when she did this, and then dazzled us again when I invented thisCoiffure brilliant, where he has collected hair from one side with some twist to the back, and then a random cake made, and has installed staples hair, and left a small surprise on one side of her face, and characterized this hairstyle simplicity and ease, and that it is very in tenderness and gravity for evening concerts.
3. Jennifer Lawrence: She changed everyone's look for short hair , short hairs can do anything even if the curl, where Jennifer made a simple French bra on one side of his hair with her hair back together, and made a chaotic cake decorated with hair pins .