Modern hair styling in the footsteps of international salons

After going to the beauty salons for your hair styling, you may feel that the end result is quite different from what you are doing at home. What is the secret of your smooth, attractive, hairstyle ?
The secret is due to the proper use of hairdressing tools, as well as the experience of hairdressers in the hairdressing process, how can we transfer these experiences to us to get the same attractive hair at home?
Here are some experiences from international beauty centers:
1. Select styling tools: Some styling tools work on all types of hair, whether curly, smooth or thick, but there are some specialized tools for each type of hair, choose the appropriate tool for your hair until you get smoother hair.
2. Use the right brush: Brush is one of the most important factors to help you reach the hair you want. Choose the natural tooth brush or the trusted brand that will easily let you easily clean your hair without falling.
3. Proper method of hair styling:
• You must follow proper steps before you start to hair styling.
• All you have to do is comb your wet hair after showering with the appropriate brush to break the hair and protect it from breakage.
• Use a hair dryer to dry your hair with a round brush to give your hair a natural shape and shape.
• After drying your hair, comb it again, then use the hair iron to straighten or wrap your hair by splitting your hair into small pieces, and twisting each piece with the iron.
• Do not forget to put the serum that helps to shine more shine on your hair, so you will get smooth hair and smooth as beauty salons.