Blancmange Balmango saffron .. The pudding of sweets Arabic easy preparation, proper submission and all occasions for family and guests, provided a code of food Manar Magdy way the pudding Balmango and saffron in its own way is very easy new and distinctive taste .. View also the way the cake video saffron


- Mango: 2 pieces (large / cut into cubes / mix of mango and saffron)
- Saffron: 1/2 teaspoon (for mango and saffron mixture)
- Gelatin: teaspoon (powder / mixture of mango and saffron)
- Milk: liter (liquid)
- sugar: half cup (milk)
- starch: 5 tablespoons (milk)
- milk: quarter cup (to dissolve starch)
- Water: 1 teaspoon (for milk)
- Pistachio: as desired (grated / served)

How to prepare

1. To prepare the mango and saffron mixture : Add the mango and saffron pieces together to a bowl, set aside for half an hour, then put the mixture in a saucepan. The gelatin melts in two tablespoons of hot water, then add to the mango mixture, stirring, until the mixture is mixed with boiling water. Then, lift up the fire, and let cool.
2. To prepare the milk: In another pot, heat the milk and sugar, until the sugar is completely dissolved, and the mixture is brought to the boil. Dissolve the starch in a quarter cup of milk, add to the mixture of milk and sugar, stirring well, until thickened milk. Then, pour the cast water, and lift the mixture out of the fire.
3. Method of delivery: Pour the pudding into the cups to lay a layer, and above it the mango layer. Decorate the cups with crushed pistachios.