To prepare a special dinner and dinner .. Just prepare this very delicious main dish from the kitchen of Madam grape leaves with a cossa with feathers .. For a wonderful and wonderful trip


- sheep feathers: 1000 gr
- grape leaves: 100 gr
- zucchini: 4 pcs
- paprika: 4 pcs
- Egyptian Rice: 300 gr
- Meat: 200 gr (minced)
- Spices and seasonings: a pinch (salt pinch, black pepper spray, pinch of mint)
- Vegetable oil: 100 gr
- Lemon juice: 2 pcs
- Garlic: 4 pcs (cloves)
- Water: 2000 ml

How to prepare

1. Prepare a deep-cooking cooker.
2. Season the feathers with salt and black pepper, then roast half a grill, and place it in the bottom of the pan.
3. Prepare the minced meat, and sprinkle with rice, salt and black pepper. Combine the grape leaves, zucchini and peppers. Then sprinkle the feathers over the feathers, and pour the water with a little oil, salt and garlic. Place the pot on the fire until boiling, then temper the temperature for 3 hours, after boiling.
4. Finally set the lemon juice on it, and raise it from the fire, and stand in the serving dish. Decorated with a sheet of dill.