Grape leaves with Lebanese style cutlets .. To suit your family The most delicious lunch dishes We have chosen from the Lebanese cuisine a dish of grape leaves with Lebanese style cutlets
Follow the steps and enjoy the flavors and delicious dishes from my lady's kitchen


- Olive oil: 4 tablespoons
- Grape leaves: 300 gr
- Black pepper: Brush
- Smack: Brush
- lemon juice: half a cup
- tomatoes: 1 pcs (cut into small cubes)
- parsley: half cup (minced)
- Rice: 1 cup and half
- Meat cutlet: 500 gr
- Garlic paper: 5 pcs
- Hill: half a teaspoon
- Ginger: half a teaspoon
- pepper: half a teaspoon
- cinnamon: half a teaspoon
- Salt: Brush (as desired)

How to prepare

1 - Heat the water in a pot placed on the fire and leave to boil. Then, dip the grape leaves in the water, stir for a minute, then rise, put in cold water, then drained, and set aside to cool .
2. To prepare the stuffing: Mix the chopped onion with salt, black pepper, sumac, lemon juice and olive oil. Leave this mixture in the fridge for two hours, until the flavors are soaked .
3. Remove the stuffing from the fridge, add to it chopped tomatoes, parsley, white rice washed and well drained, and mix again .
4 - Stuffed grape leaves with fillers, and describes in a deep saucepan with a little olive oil, to avoid sticking. And leaves on fire for about an hour .
5 - To prepare the cutlata of the sheep: Wash the meat of the custard well, then add to a pot filled with water with aromatic bouquet (Laurel, cardamom, ginger, pepper, love and cinnamon), and on medium fire until maturity .
6 - Remove from fire, and get rid of the aromatic package .
7. Grapes are served on the serving plate, with the lamb cutlet .