Beef and vegetables with mushroom sauce .. For a main meal .. And for a distinctive lunch .. And the ingredients of vegetables and various appetizers is what we chose for you from the kitchen of Madam for a rich and delicious meal
Chef Firas Lahmouni of the Madame Crown Hotel prepared this dish 


- Beef: half a kilo (sliced)
- black pepper: pinch
- salt: spinach
- corn flour: half a cup
- oil: a little (to fry the meat)
- sesame oil: a little (for mushroom sauce)
- Onions: 2
pieces ( sliced ​​/ mushroom sauce) - colored peppers: 3 pieces (sliced ​​/ mushroom sauce)
- carrots: 2 pieces (sliced ​​/ mushroom sauce)
- mushrooms: half cup (canned and sliced ​​/ mushroom sauce)
- Ready-made steak sauce: 2 tablespoons (for mushrooms sauce)
- Soy sauce: 2 tablespoons (for mushrooms sauce)
- Beef Sauce: Cup (Mushroom Sauce)
- Salt: As desired (for Mushroom Sauce)
- Black pepper: as desired (for mushroom sauce)

How to prepare

1. Wash the meat, then add the black pepper, salt and corn flour, stirring this mixture until smooth. Then, mix this mixture with oil.
2. For the mushroom sauce : add a little sesame oil to the saucepan, then sauté the onions, colored peppers, carrots and mushrooms, and pour the sauce, soy sauce, meat broth, salt and black pepper.
3 . Add the pre-cooked meat to the mushroom sauce and the ingredients of the ingredients. Put this dish hot .