Cousa stuffed with meat with milk .. In some Arab countries, this dish is called squash , which is a special dish, delicious and easy to prepare .. It contains a lot of health benefit for you and your family ..


- zucchini: 20 grams (
minced ) - minced meat: 100 grams (cooked with onions)
- milk: 20 grams (cooked)
- Pine: 40 grams
- Parsley: 20 grams

How to prepare

1. Mix all cooked meat with onion, pine and parsley.
2. Start with the zucchini stuffed with the previous mixture.
3. We roast the squash after filling it until it is cooked.
4. Place stuffed and fried zucchini in cooked milk.
5. Garnish the face of the dish with a little pine and parsley and then serve with rice.