Carrot mask and avocado .. will not be validated on damaged hair

Do you suffer from curly hair and pale after the sea season, excessive exposure to the sun ? "Madam Net" provides you with a natural recipe easy to prepare for treatment of hair, and make it smooth and shiny:
Components of the mask :
_ peeled carrot.
_ Egg yolk.
_ Half the fruit of ripe avocado and peeled.
Preparation and use:
Put the carrot in the mixer until you get a soft paste.
Add an egg yolk to it.
_Mix half of the avocado, add to the previous ingredients, until you get a mixture of cream and homogeneous.
Apply the mixture to your hair without falling drops, and if necessary, add drops of olive oil to make the mixture smooth.
_ Try to place it heavily on the scalp.
_ Mask is called for 20 minutes.