Egg salad with healthy salty eggs .. eggs "Busheh" is boiled eggs without shell .. We chose this special dish from the power of eggs to meat for healthy diet and to enjoy a meal full and the lowest calorie while you follow the diet


- Meat: 100 grams (bacon / ready to be sold at the supermarket)
- Spaghetti bread: loaf (cut into small cubes)
- Egg: 2 tablets (large size)
- Green Salad: Grip (leaves of saliva)
- Watercress: Grip (leaves)
- Carrot tomatoes: 10 pieces (chopped to half)
- celery: 1 paper (minced)
- olive oil: a large spoon (for sauce)
- apple vinegar: a teaspoon (for sauce)
- Mustard: 1/2 teaspoon (for sauce)
- Salt: as desired (for sauce)
- Black pepper: as desired (for sauce)

How to prepare

1. Add the bacon to a pan, and fry until it becomes crispy. Then, set aside, after being transferred with a spoon with holes.
2. In the same pan, add the baking cubes, stirring, until it becomes crunchy and crispy.
3. Eggs are "bushy", as instructed in the attached frame.
4. Mix the ingredients of the sauce together.
5. Method of serving: Salad and watercress evenly on two plates, as well as meat, bread, tomato and parsley, and then transfer the egg Boshih on the surface of each dish, pour the sauce, and sprinkle salt and pepper.