Samar F Nabahin A member of my lady's kitchen served this delicious dish for lunch


- Meat fillet: 1 ((meat)
- Garlic: 6 cloves
- Potato: 2 pieces (cut into cubes)
- Onions: 2 pieces (cubes)
- Carrot: 2 pieces (cut into cubes)
- Butter: 50 g
- Bharat problem: as desired (salt / seasoning seasoned / cinnamon / Hill)
- water: cup
- mushrooms: a box

How to prepare

1. We season the meat with salt and spices.
2. Make holes by planting the knife head deep into the meat and plant in each garlic tooth opening.
3. We thread the thread around the sweat of the weft to maintain its shape.
4. Spread the meat on the fire with butter from all sides.
5. Cut the vegetables and onions, salted, seasoned and put in a Pirex dish.
6. Place the meat over the vegetables and the water cup and cover them with foie gras and leave them in the oven for 2 hours on medium heat.
7. We serve the accompanying sauce in the same pan. We add 25 grams of butter and two tablespoons of flour. We take all the residues in the pan with stirring. Add the cup broth, the cooking cream and the mushroom box, leaving the mixture thickening and adding when serving over the meat.