English Steak Pie .. We offer you from the kitchen of Madam and English cuisine, according to the delicious pancakes in the English way .. This recipe as a main meal and rich .. Urban and shared your opinion taste unique and distinctive


- Flour: 3 cups (mixed - for dough)
- Butter: 1 cup and a half (unsalted and cold - for dough)
- Salt: Spray (for dough)
- Cold water: half cup (for dough)
- Eggs: 1 grain (for dough)
- Vegetable oil: large spoon (for filling)
- butter: large spoon (unsalted - for filling)
- minced meat: 250 grams (or cut for small pieces - for filling)
- Onion: 1 grain (medium size - minced - for filling)
- Carrots: 2 tablets (clip for cubes - for filling)
- Garlic: Vans (minced or grated - for filling)
- Tomato paste: 2 tablespoons (for filling)
- Worcestershire sauce: 2 tablespoons (for filling)
- flour: 2 tablespoons (for filling)
- meat broth: half cup (for filling)
- Thyme: half a teaspoon (fresh, finely chopped - for filling)
- rosemary: half a teaspoon (fresh, finely chopped - for filling)
- Salt: 1 teaspoon (for filling)
- Black pepper: 1/4 teaspoon (ground - for filling)
- Eggs: 1
cup ( flavored - for filling) - red beans: 1/4 cup (or cooked peas - for filling)

How to prepare

1. To prepare the dough: Place the flour, salt and butter in the blender and mix the ingredients, then add a little bread crumbs to the dough about hanging. Then add the water gradually until you feel that the dough has begun to hold. Remove the dough ball from the mixer and place it in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator for 10 minutes.
2. To prepare the filling: national heating fire to a temperature of 320 degrees , add the vegetable oil and butter to the skillet over medium heat , add beef and national Bkulaih in oil until brown in color , then add spices to the same pan, add onion, carrots and national stirring until mature, then add Garlic, tomato paste and stirring. Add the rosemary, salt and pepper. Turn oven temperature to 425 ° F and turn off the fire under the meat pan.
3. Remove the dough from the refrigerator and place the bulb to 1/8 inch thick. Divide the dough into two pieces. Place the first part of the dough in the heart of the tray and grate it to cover the sides. Then pour the pre- cooked pastry mixture into the dough's heart and keep it from falling off the sides. If this happens, return it with your fingers.
4. Add the cooked cream to the mixture and mix it with a spoon with a mixture of meat and vegetables.
5. Place the second layer of dough on the face of the dough with a fork of the top dough.
6. Place the Chinese in the medium shelf of the oven and open the lower fire after 10 minutes Turn off the lower fire and upper light on a quiet heat and leave it for 5 minutes or until the face red.