Grilled kebabs with peppers and mustard for healthy ducks .. Perhaps the nutritionists always advise to eat grilled meals while following the diet .. Which is what we chose for you from the kitchen of my lady recipe Kebab delicious grilled with pepper and mustard


- olive oil: 3 tablespoons
- apple cider vinegar: 3 tablespoons
- mustard seeds: a tablespoon (love)
- Veal: 500 grams (neck / piece into cubes)
- Spices of meat: large spoon
- rosemary: a teaspoon (rosemary)
- Red pepper: 2 seeds (seed free and cut into cubes)
How to prepare
Add, to Bartman, olive oil, apple vinegar and mustard. Close the burgers, and grate well, until the ingredients are mixed together.
2. Add the cubes of meat to a flat bowl, sprinkle the parsley on them, then pour the mixture over them, and distribute the rosemary branches on them.
3. After dipping the meat cubes for at least one hour, spread over the wood shavings, with the leaven. Then, grind on the flared conveyor or electric grill, from its sides, until it turns brown (about 10 minutes).