Healthy hair and shiny 3-step guaranteed!

Hair turns with cold weather, mostly pale and dry and hard to adjust and lay it down, and even it becomes curly sometimes.
"Madam Net" will give you 3 important tips to get shiny and healthy hair:
1. Adopt new habits
• Rinse hair after shampooing with fresh or cold water, if you have the courage to do so, to close the outer layer of hair.
• Dry the hair using a soft towel very gently. Preferably leave it dry in the open air, instead of using a hair dryer, if dried with hair dryer is preferred to be a medium temperature, and remove the dried about 30 cm from your hair.
• Avoid hair coloring from time to time as well as softening and curling, which in the long term works to make hair dry and damage the fibers.
• Concentrate on foods rich in fatty acids such as olive oil and fish, rich in iron such as cereals, fresh or dried fruits and vegetables, and rich in zinc such as oysters and lentils, and B vitamins, found in almonds, walnuts , dairy products, cereals and brewer's yeast.
2. Think of nutritional supplements for the
treatment of pale and weak hair, it is recommended to take the herb of "alpha-alpha" or clover. They are available as a dietary supplement. This component, which supplies the body with minerals, is rich in proteins and amino acids and has a nutritious and reinforced properties due to its high content of trace elements.
The supplements are intended to strengthen the sides of the skin ( nails and hair), which are useful provided they contain calcium, iron, zinc and B vitamins that are essential for normal hair growth .
3. Products for special shine
Try starting with shampoo, which should suit your natural hair. If your hair does not adjust to it, it becomes pale and loses its natural color.
If necessary, ask for advice from your hairdresser or pharmacist. And choose a moisturizing shampoo for dry and dull hair, which will nourish your hair and make it shiny and shiny because of the fact that it contains citric acid specifically. Remember that you should rinse your hair for 3 minutes with cold water.
Apply the moisturizer to your hair at least once a week, preferably not thick and containing enough fat to nourish and strengthen the hair.