Grilled Beef with Potatoes and Spinach .. Learn with Madam Kitchen How to Cook Grilled Beef with Potatoes, Spinach and Chef Style, New Recipe for a Special Lunch for Your Family
Hoi An Restaurant at Shangri - Dubai Hotel


- Beef: 220 grams (rib)
- marrow: 15 g (eye marrow)
- potatoes: 15 g
- Potatoes: 100 grams (red potatoes)
- Garlic: 5 grams (minced)
- Cream: 50 ml
- Nuts: 2 g
- Butter: 5 g
- Thyme: 1 g
- Garlic: 10 grains
- Olive oil: 50 g
- Spinach: 100 grams
- Butter: 5 g
- Raisins: 5 g
- Beef broth: 50 ml
- tomato: as desired (for seasoning)
- rosemary: as desired (for dressing)

How to prepare

1. Divide the steak and cook it according to the required standards.
2. Cut the potatoes to 4 mm.
3. To prepare the chicken and cream with garlic and thyme , make the mixture simmer and add the potatoes, nutmeg and spices, and cook until the potatoes become soft.
4. Add the parmesan cheese and put it for another 15 minutes.
5. To clean the bone marrow and place it in the oven for 20 minutes, heat the garlic on a low heat to become golden color, and cook the spinach with butter and raisins.
6. Place rosemary and tomato for decoration.