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Recipe introduction of Hoi An restaurant at the Shangri -La Hotel - Dubai


- Beef: 180 g (Waguio)
- Cajun spices: 15 g
- Green onions: 50 g
- Brown sugar: 10 g
- Olive oil: 30 milliliters (for stapling)
- Mayonnaise: 50 g (for seasoning)
- Mastered: 5 g (for sting)
- Mango: 30 grams (for peppers)
- Red peppers: 10 g (for seasoning)
- Green coriander: 5 g (for seasoning)
- Onion: 10 g (for the seasoning)

How to prepare

1. Melt the meat with cajun curing.
2. To prepare the golden onions: cut and diced with brown sugar and butter until melting.
3. Mix the mayonnaise and onion section with the tannins and herbs.
4. Cut mango, red pepper, coriander into small pieces.
5. Zinni dish according to desire.