Best solutions for sensitive area blisters

Your skin may be exposed to lots of hidden grains that fill the sensitive areas, and although it will not be embarrassing because it will not show to others, it may cause you unpleasant pain or itching. Have you thought about how to cure these pills that appear in sensitive areas? Are you embarrassed to consult a doctor about these things?
salt solution: Add a tablespoon of salt to two cups of warm water, and dip a clean cloth into the solution. , Followed by sensitive areas that suffer from grain, this solution will not treat grains quickly, but it will live pain, and eliminate the bacteria causing the grain.
2. Cactus: Open the cactus plant to get the gel inside, and place the place on the places of grain, and leave for a quarter of an hour, and then wash the place with lukewarm water, and repeat it twice a week at least until you get rid of the grain altogether.
3. Oatmeal: Grind a cup of oatmeal with a cup of salt, and put it in a bowl. Then, each day, place a spoonful of the mixture in a clean screen, put it in warm water, put it on the pimples and leave it for ten minutes to a quarter of an hour. , Then wash your skin with water.
4. Toothpaste: Dissolve a spoonful of toothpaste on the place of grain, leave it overnight, and in the morning wash your skin with cold water, repeat it daily to get rid of grain.
5. Apple vinegar: Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of warm water, and drink it once a day, as this helps to keep your skin from the inside, you can add a cup of apple cider vinegar to the bathtub filled with warm water, and relax for a quarter of an hour , And this will reduce the appearance of pimples in your body.
6. Tea tree oil: Put drops of tea tree oil on a clean cotton, gently move it on the grain, leave it to dry, wash it with lukewarm water, and repeat it once or twice a day to get rid of the annoying grain.