The eggplant .. From the Palestinian kitchen .. Traditional and famous dishes .. Submitted by a member of the kitchen kitchen Galilee / Restaurant Amqa (north of Palestine) in their own way


- Eggplant: 500 grams (peeled the equivalent of 10 slices)
- Long grain rice: cupan (dipped for ten minutes in lukewarm water)
- Banana meat: half a kilo
- salt: one teaspoon and a half
- pine: half a cup
- Hill: a teaspoon
- cinnamon: a teaspoon (ground)
- Spices problem: a teaspoon
- black pepper: a teaspoon

How to prepare

1. Combine eggplant slices with sunflower oil until golden.
2. Turn the pieces of meat into oil until they are fried and then toss them in a saucepan, then take 5 cups of boiled water and place them in a saucepan with fried eggplant, spinach, cardamom and MAGGI cube as desired, on medium heat to boil.
3. Put the rice in another pot with a tablespoon of oil or margarine and rice for 2 minutes and then add 4 cups of water, which we boiled eggplant and stir the mixture slightly and leave it on medium heat to boil and then on low heat until the rice is cooked.
4. In a saucepan, place slices of fried nuts, almonds, pine nuts or cashews, then separate the boiled meat, then a layer of eggplant and half a cup of water.
5. Place a final layer of cooked rice, knead it slightly with the spoon and place the pot on the fire for 10 minutes, then turn the saucepan into a wide serving dish, and make the inverted hot.