Chicken Fries with Meat and Sauce .. You can taste this delicious recipe among the main dishes on the kitchen of Madam, following the way to prepare chef Jean Makhoul for the "dish of the day"


- Farka: Kuban
- Chicken: 500 grams
- Mutton: 50 g (lamb meat leg to equal cubes)
- Onion: 1 grain
- Oil: large spoon
- Karawia: Brush
- Salt: Brush
- Black pepper: Pinch
- Cinnamon: Pinch
- Pine: 2 tablespoons (toasted / topping)
- Flour: 1 tablespoon (fry sauce)
- Mutton: 50 g (lamb meat, cut into equal cubes / fry sauce)
- Homs: 1/4 cup (boiled / Frik sauce sauce)
- Karawiya: 1 teaspoon (fry sauce sauce)
- Salt: Brush (fry sauce sauce)
- Cinnamon: Brush (Ingredients of Frik sauce)
- Black Pepper: Brush (Ingredients of Frik sauce)

How to prepare

1 - Wash the fry well, and then Safih and water with water until the maturity and clean and leave aside.
2. Heat the chicken well in the oven and set aside.
3 - Fry the chopped onions and lamb meat with oil until ripe, and then add the frik and all the spices, and do not forget to add water to pour the fry to the mix, and leave on medium heat to boil.
4. To prepare the fryk sauce: in a small skillet and medium heat, fry the lamb with the butter, add the flour, the chickpeas and all the spices, and stir the sauce well until it is firm.
5. In the serving dish, pour the fry in the middle and around the sauce.
6 - Feet a chicken friq dish with meat and sauce hot, and sprinkle with pieces of reddish chicken and roasted pine.