A burger burger with couscous and yogurt for dessert .. Burger is one of the most delicious types of burgers, has many health benefits, a suitable recipe prepared as a main meal during dieting, plus good couscous and yoghurt, follow the delicate steps and prepare the burger of the hamburger with couscous and yogurt for the pen


- Xxx: 125 grams (per kilogram)
- cherry tomatoes: 150 grams (cut into half / for the couscous)
- Mint: 2 tablespoons (fresh, chopped / forks)
- spring onion: 3 grains (minced / forks)
- lemon
juice : 1 cup (for liquorice) - lemon juice: 2 tablespoons (for xx)
- celery: 2 tablets (clip / liqueur)
- Habash: 500 grams (minced meat, minced / burger)
- Apples: 1 grain (peeled and melted kernel, minced and cooked with oven / burger)
- spring onion: 3 grains (minced / burger)
- Ground Thyme: Spoon (Minced / Burger)
- Cooking Spray: Brush (3 sprays of oil spray / burger)
- Option: Half grain (minced / yogurt)
- Yogurt: 100 ml (skimmed / yogurt)

How to prepare

1. To prepare the couscous: add the couscous to a pot, and pour the boiling water (200 milliliters) over it, stirring. Then, let the pot set aside for five minutes, so that the couscous sips the water.
2. To prepare the burgers: Mix the meat of chives, apples, spring onion and thyme, together, and manually. This mixture is divided into four sections. Each section is made of burgers. Transfer the burgers to the oven tray lined with baking paper, sprinkle with oil drizzle, and cook in the oven for 5 to 7 minutes, with attention to the heart of the burgers on the other sides, during the middle of cooking time.
3. To complete the preparation of couscous, mix the latter, with semi-cherry tomatoes, mint, spring onion, lemon juice, citrus juice and celery. Salted and dazzled.
4. To prepare yogurt: Mix yogurt and cucumber together, and salted as desired.
5. Method of presentation: Distribute the yogurt mixture on the dishes, topped with burgers. The couscous is next to it.