Makeup by Charlotte Charlotte Talbury during the Fashion Week in London

Details of aesthetic :
"inspired by the views of the French Riviera and made it a touch of the forties. Focused on the glowing healthy skin and radiant sunshine Riviera, and Alhaaleight inspired movie stars, and light colors on the eyes, while decorated lips with red lips Hot Lips color Tell Laura red slash Orange for a bold and pleasant look. "- Charlotte Talbury
1. Charlotte attended the fashion models by putting the best-selling cream cream on face and neck to moisturize and fill the skin. This is the secret of Charlotte to sparkle captures on the platforms of fashion show!
2. Magic Eye Rescue cream is then developed to tighten the area surrounding the eyes and to fill and lighten them.
3. Use a light layer of Unisex Healthy Glow to provide natural warmth to the skin.
4. Then use the Retoucher as needed for a healthy and fresh skin .
5. Followed by the new Hollywood Contour Wand to identify the nose, palate and cheekbone, and chose the medium to dark color to give the sun a glow to the cheeks.
6. Use the Hollywood Beauty Light Wand over the cheeks, towards the greatness of the cheeks and the middle of the nose and above the upper lip to sparkle the spectacles with a glare that captures the eye!
7. The eyebrows and grafted with the Legendary Brows pens were painted in colors consistent with the hair of each casualty.
Next steps for the
display with attractive lips 8. The Hollywood Beauty Light Wand is placed over the eyelids and on the corners of the eyes with the Eye Smudger Brush.
9. The eyelashes remained normal, but Charlotte used the Life Changing Lashes tool to curl and highlight the lashes.
10. Charlotte completed the view with an attractive matte finish. Bling the color of Tell Laura with the new Hollywood Lips in a Walk of Fame color to create the brightest red color to orange.
The next steps for the bidders are bold eye makeup
8. Charlotte used Eye To Mesmerise Eye Shadow on the eyelid with her fingertip, and then softened the edges with the Eye Blender Brush.
9. She then added a vintage Vamp Luxury Palette to the middle of her eyelid with her finger.
10. Matte Revolution Lipstick is decorated with Pillow Talk color and added lip balm to the upper lip.
Lotions used
Skin Care
Cream Magic Eye
Cream Magic Eye Rescue
Lotion Unisex Healthy Glow
Concealer The Retoucher
pen Legendary Brows
curl lashes Life tool Changing Lashes
Eyes Eyes shades to Mesmerise color Bette
Palit Luxury Palette in The Vintage Vamp ( the color of the Pop)
Eye 's Blender Brush
Brush Eye Smudger
Hailenz Hollywood Beauty Light Wand
Hailenz Hollywood Beauty Light Wand
red Lip Gloss Matte Revolution
Lip Gloss Matte Revolution Lip Color Matte Revolution