Kebab Bakrz step by step pictures .. Serves the meat of kofta in several types of dishes, such as Alrais , and kofta with tahini , and grilled kofta , Mrs. Nasreen Qutani came a new and innovative dish of kebabs in cherries steps, a special dish and good, see the steps in pictures and present the most delicious and delicious lunch For your family


- Kofta: half a kilo
- Cherry juice: 1 kilo (red acid and juice)
- Spices problem: a teaspoon
- Sugar: large spoon
- olive oil: large spoon
- Pomegranate molasses: a large spoon
- Nutmeg: 1 piece (large, grilled)
- black pepper: 1 teaspoon
- salt: 1 teaspoon
- garlic powder: teaspoon
- onion powder: a teaspoon
- Arabic bread: loaf (triangles / decoration)
- Pine: large spoon (fried / for decorating)
- Parsley: large spoon (minced / for decorating)