Kebab meat is one of the most famous and most popular dishes, there are many kebabs of meat and ways of preparing it on the coal and the oven
We attended you from the kitchen of my lady and the kebab recipe with Turkish style meat 


- Beef Beef: 1000 gr (minced)
- lamb fat: 100 gr (minced)
- Shat: 5 gr
- Parsley: 50 gr (minced)
- Sweet red peppers: 150 gr
- Garlic: 5 gr
- Bread: 2 pcs (Turkish thin)

How to prepare

Mix the meat and fat manually, then add to this mixture all ingredients, with good scrubs .
This mixture is placed on roast skewers .
Lishui, then wrapped in thin Turkish bread and cut, sprinkle chopped parsley above it .
Serve with onions, tomatoes and grilled chili .