The pirate eat the people of the distinctive find

The pirate is a popular eater of Najdiyah. The pirate is one of the popular dishes known in Riyadh and the dariyah about fifty years ago. Try meat preparation in pomegranate eaters and enjoy your family with a delicious traditional meal.


- flour: 3 cups (sifted)
- salt: half teaspoon
- water: quantity (kneading)
- meat: 1 kg
- beans: 500 grams (green)
- lemon: 4 grains (dry)
- Onions: 2 tablets (medium size)
- Ketchup: 2 tablespoons
- tomatoes: 4 grains
- margarine: 1 cup
- Troubled vegetables: 1 kilo (coussa, or eggplant, and many others)
- Spices problem: spoon

How to prepare

1. We sift the flour into a bowl, add the salt and water, and knead the ingredients well until the dough is soft and light.
2. Cover the dough and leave it for half an hour so that the dough is comfortable on the sheet. Cut the meat, and wash and clean it. Turn the onions in the ghee, and add the lemon. Add the meat and sauce, and toss them for 10 minutes.
3. Add to the previous mix tomatoes and spices.
4. Add the water, cover the pot, and leave it on the fire until the meat is cooked.
5. Wash the vegetables, cut them and rip them with water until they are moderately cooked.
6. Add the vegetables to the meat to complement the maturity break the pirate pieces into medium-sized pieces, and put them in the serving dish.
Put the meat, vegetables and gravy on top of the pirate and cover it slightly.
8. Turn the onions on the ghee, then place it over the dish.