Rib roast Baltetbilh .. to Azumh distinctive offer you from the kitchen Madam way the rib roast Baltetbilh, recipe suitable for a meal distinctive and tasty lunch, offering all the dishes segregationist on the way the chef
Recipe introduction of Hoi An restaurant at the Shangri -La Hotel - Dubai


- Lamb rib: 1 kilo and one third
- Huesin sauce: 350 grams
- Zuzu sauce: 200 g
- beans: 50 g (bean sauce)
- onions: 2 g (garlic)
- sugar: 200 g (white)
- Soy sauce: 5 g (light)
- Salt: 3 g
- Spices: 8 g (spice powder)
- cucumber: 200g
- green onion: 200g
- ready mushroom sauce: 100g
- Garlic: 100 grams (sauce)
- Honey: 200 g
- Sweet Chile sauce: 100 grams

How to prepare

1. Soak the chicken ribs with huesin sauce, zucchini, beans, onions, garlic, white sugar, light soy sauce, salt and spice powder.
2. Then roast the meat for 20 minutes.
3. Put the honey to give the flavor and smell good, and then roast the meat again for five minutes.
4. To serve: Garnish the cucumber with cucumber, green onion, mushroom sauce, garlic, and sweet chili and serve the hot rib dish.