Almtaziz of the popular Saudi cuisine , which is famous for the people of the Najd region, and characterized by high nutritional value and good taste, the most delicious dishes on the table of Eid al-Adha .. Happy New Year and Eid Mubarak


- Sheep meat: 1 kg
- Water: liters
- Metaziz:
- Onion: 2 grains (grated)
- Tomato: 5 pieces (chopped)
- Troubled vegetables: Cup (Eggplant, Cossa, Carrot, Pumpkin)
- Salt: teaspoon
- Spices Problem: Large Spoon
- Lumi: 1 piece (lemon black)
- Corn oil: 3 tbsp

How to prepare

1. Cook the meat with water, spices and luminescence
2. Bring a large amount of oil and onions.
3. After melting the onion, add the tomatoes and add water to stir the meat and spices.
4. Add the vegetables and salt and leave the mixture boiling with a high degree of fire.
5. During boiling, bring the muffins, then place them one by one in the water.
6. Then remove the pot tightly and each period start to cut the fire on it.
7. After you are cooked, place it in the serving tray and arrange the meat over it.